The Big Sweep

To mark fifty years since the death of Raymond Chandler we are giving away a special set of five Chandler hardbacks absolutely free! Reissued by Hamish Hamilton with their original first-edition cover art, the books go on sale tomorrow priced £12.99 each.


To claim this wonderful prize you must follow these instructions:

Listen very carefully. We will say this only once. Go to Liverpool Lime Street railway station on Thursday 26th March at 17:30 precisely. One of our undercover agents will be waiting. The agent will be wearing a white carnation and carrying a copy of the Liverpool Daily Post. The merchandise will be given to the first person to make contact with these words: “Excuse me. Do you know who killed the chauffeur?”

Keep your eyes peeled on this blog and our website for more clues over the next twenty-four hours.

Perhaps you’re soon to meet a fair stranger?

Good luck on your mission. This message will not self-destruct.

4 thoughts on “The Big Sweep”

  1. The guy driving the Packard killed him!

    PS. Some of my students quote your essay on the Flitcraft Parable for their essay assignment!

    1. I say suicide, Mac.

      That scene in the novel where they pull the car from the sea is fascinating. The contrast between man and car as objects is brilliantly done. Someone suggests getting the corpse out of the car before it stiffens up because “you won’t like doing it after”. Very nasty.


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