And Stevie G’s Favourite Book is…?

Yesterday, we learnt that Liverpool FC’s captain Stephen Gerrard has a secret passion for reading. His favourite book? John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. The Scouse Sensation has revealed to the Daily Star that he constantly has his head buried in books when he’s at home. “Obviously football is my main passion but I love reading. My favourite book is definitely Of Mice and Men“, says the 28-year-old Stevie

It is quite a sad story when you get to know the characters. I’ve read the story from cover to cover so many times the book has almost fell apart. In school we watched the story on video, did a project on it and an exam on it. I got a C in my English GCSE because of that book.

Liverpool hero Gerrard also enjoyed a spot of creative writing in his school days. He added:

English was definitely my favourite subject in school because I enjoyed creative writing. I wrote a great story in school about how one day I would win the World Cup. I liked messing about with words, it was good fun.

Just days after fellow Scouser Wayne Rooney admitted he was hooked on JK Rowling‘s Harry Potter books, we’re learning that there are more than just sporting passions amongst these football stars.

Anyone got any titles to suggest to Stevie for his book when he knuckles down to explore his creative writing skills? Or any suggestions for Rooney and Gerrard’s next read?

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  1. Isn’t it odd that people either love or hate the books they were compelled to read at school?
    I read Of Mice and Men about four times a week with GCSE pupils and they always love it but how much of that is down to the ‘hey, I’m allowed to swear!’ factor, I’m never sure. For myself, even reading it time and time again hasn’t dulled its impact; I am still profoundly moved by it.
    I can’t quite see why it should be surprising that sportsmen like to read, though – is this a revelation?

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