A Poetry Mystery

Readers, we have another request for all you literary detectives out there.

T, a member of a Bibby Line Group reading group in Newcastle-under-Lyme has asked for some help with identifying these lines:

What can I do, young dragon cried
Although I’ve simply tried and tried
It doesn’t matter how hard I blow
I cannot get my fire to go

T remembers reciting the poem at school but can’t recall the title or author of the poem. He’s tried searching Google, but this has proved fruitless. So if these lines ring any bells, or you have any advice on how to solve this poetry mystery, please get in touch with Ella Jolly at ellajolly@thereader.org.uk.

Thank you.

1 thought on “A Poetry Mystery”

  1. “Never mind,” old dragon said;
    “Try doing something else instead.
    Breathing fire is over-rated:
    Often, it can get you hated.

    “I knew a dragon, name of Stan,
    Whose birthday didn’t go to plan.
    He saw the candles, took a breath…
    And burned his Aunty Maud to death.”

    (If that’s not it, then it should be.)

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