Our Reading Heroes

A couple of weeks ago The Reader Organisation nominated two people for the National Year of Reading ‘Reading Heroes’ awards. One of these was our Director, Jane Davis (in the Professional category) and the other was Get Into Reading and Wirral Community Shakespeare member Louise Jones (in the Personal category). We are delighted to have been told that both of them have won Reading Hero awards!

Reading Hero, Louise Jones, at the GIR Get-together 2008
Reading Hero, Louise Jones, speaking about her reading experiences at the GIR Get-together 2008

The National Year of Reading wanted to acknowledge and celebrate twenty-five Reading Heroes as the year draws to a close. They were looking for people whose personal effort to support reading has made a difference to others, or whose acquisition of reading skills in challenging circumstances has transformed their own lives, or that of another. Jane and Louise are two of twenty-five people that will be heading to No. 10 Downing Street in February 2009 to meet with Sarah Brown and receive their Reading Hero medals.

You’ll be hearing more about this as the visit to Downing Street gets nearer. In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about how Louise has developed a passion for reading Shakespeare and transformed her life, or about Jane’s dedicated vision to bring about a Reading Revolution, then please contact us.

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