Costa Poetry Cafe, Liverpool July 24th, 2008

Reader Online contributor and poet Rebecca Goss writes with a reminder that the next Costa Poetry Café evening will be at 7.30pm at Costa Coffee on Bold Street, Liverpool, and that she will be reading her poetry there. Download the complete poetry café programme (pdf format) here.

1 thought on “Costa Poetry Cafe, Liverpool July 24th, 2008”


    Cold water winding, a spring day;
    Howled to the Reds of Mersey side;
    Crimson rain, a flautist’s intrument,
    Hummed to the valiant fans.

    Small seas of joyful scarves, here and there,
    Fluttered as the trembling winds cried.
    Liverpool, football team, to face the FA cup semi finalist;
    The players looked forward to face Birmingham city.

    Silver sky, a reminiscence of once upon the time.
    Yesterday, in oblivion; now, the moment to gleam,
    Liverpool warriors, fearless and prepared,
    Once again, two steps away from Wembley joy.

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