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Yesterday I wrote about how publishers are experiencing dramatic increases in sales of ebooks and how ebook readers such as the iRex Iliad and Kindle are also selling well. One thing that’s always bothered me about these devices (well, all such devices, really) is the extent to which they tie you to a particular supplier. It’s always a trade-off of course; freedom in return for the ability to use a particular service. But it would be a bad thing if a single supplier (Amazon, for example) took too large a share of this market. And actually despite Amazon’s apparently low payments to publishers, their ebooks are not cheap. I can see an ebook reader of some sort in my future–the benefits of having many books stored in one small portable device hardly need explaining–so I was pleased to come across, a service that packages out of copyright and open licensed books for ebook readers. The real beauty of this service is that it seems easy: just click on the title of the book and it ends up on the reading device. Now, anyone want to send me a Kindle?

Here’s the link again to Thanks for the tip to Merlin Mann on the Macbreak Weekly podcast.

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