More Funding Needed for Dementia Services

Katie Peters, a Project Worker for Get Into Reading, working with Mersey Care NHS Trust and dementia patients writes:

A new King’s Fund report presents a comprehensive long-term view of mental health services and warns the government that expanding demand will require sustained funding increases. The ageing population in the U.K. means that the number of people suffering from dementia is estimated to rise from 582,000 now to just under a million by 2026.  Since November 2006, The Reader Organisation has been delivering reading group sessions and one to one reading sessions with dementia patients at a care home on Merseyside. The results have been astounding. We hope that today’s news will strengthen our case for securing funding to research the effects of this work so that we can develop it and make it part of the care package offered to people suffering from dementia in the years to come.

More on this story from the BBC and from The Guardian.

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