4 thoughts on “More Howard Jacobson in a Soho Restaurant”

  1. Yes, many many thanks to Howard J for his wonderful reciting and for getting rocks and stones and trees spinning in Soho. Sombre good stuff.

    (In defence of my new mate the Nog, s’not fair about ‘the truly terrible’!)

  2. I still couldn’t hear it but maybe my now renowned ‘tin ear’ got in the way! (Thanks for your support about my ‘revolting rhymes’, Sarah, I thought it was a bit mean, to call them ‘truly terrible’, too, I’ll bet Spike Milligan would have laughed even if ‘some people’ didn’t!)

  3. Hmmm, nice try – you’ll be sorry when my ‘pomes’ are recognised!

    By the way, has anyone guessed The Reader’s other two favourite poets? Obviously they are Seamus Heaney and me …. still no sign of that fiver, though!

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