Reader Poll: Stealing Books

Now of course it goes without saying that stealing is wrong, illegal, and liable to end in tears, but, you know, we’ve all been tempted, haven’t we? Not just a little bit? That book you’ve been tracking down for years and suddenly there it is at a price you can’t hope to afford, or the paperback snatched from WH Smiths when the queue is long and the train is leaving. So here’s a completely anonymous poll to assess the moral rectitude of our readers (tell us what tempts you most in the comments):


5 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Stealing Books”

  1. Why not? What’s wrong with stealing? You can’t have fences and boundaries for ideas. Speech is free and it’s about time that literature caught up with the spoken word.

    I’m all for recycling and I think that principle should be extended to texts that would just sit on a shelf anyway. I mostly lift books from libraries and they’re usually ones that haven’t been borrowed since 1644 or something. Ferchrisakes!

    Check out my rare books’ listing on ebay.

  2. c’était dans le métro à Paris

    a book forgotten on a seat in the Paris Underground…
    “Ghost Country” by S. Paretsky
    I promise to get it back to the Underground when finishing to read it…
    Yes, anonymously… and someone else will find it and perhaps…
    he will read then leave it elsewhere…

    parce que qu’il ne sied point de s’accaparer le bien d’autrui !

    ptit salut from Paris by Crépuscule 🙂

  3. If you steal it before it’s published and add your name to the ms does it count? Not that I have done this, you understand … no, only one thing stopped me becoming a great writer – talent!

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