Links We Liked for 24 January, 2008

It’s been a difficult week for me so far, trying to finish off a book and start teaching again, with all that entails. On top of that Internet exile beckons while our house wiring is sorted out, but here are a few of my thoughts on the last few days.

It can hardly have escaped anyone’s notice that A.L. Kennedy’s book Day has won the Costa (formerly Whitbread) Prize. Praise for the novel has been effusive, but dissenting voices made themselves heard in the run-up to the judging.

Meanwhile Slate has been worrying about Vladimir Nabokov and his request that his final work be burned. Will his son do it? Nobody knows.

Ali Karim, in January Magazine has a feature on Cormac McCarthy and the arrival in the UK of a writer whose work has been lifted from (relative) obscurity by the Coen brothers’ film, No Country For Old Men. Karim does a great job of pulling the key articles together.

And for the book paraphernalia fetishists among you I would like to bring to your attention an entire blog dedicated to bookshelves. Is this a dream come true?

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