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Here at The Reader organisation, we don’t really like to do things in a conventional manner. So instead of having a sale after Christmas, we’re having one before. From now until Christmas Eve, back issues of The Reader up to and including issue 26, will be available for just £2 each. So delve into our ten-year past and unearth some hidden treasures; when all you’re paying for is postage, there’s nothing to stop you really. What we are wondering though, is would you buy a back issue of The Reader from these men?

There is a Christmas gift subscription to The Reader – issue 28 (Winter) free, followed by the four issues due out in 2008 – up for grabs for the person that comes up with the best guess as to what Phil and Phill are saying. Make your non-libellous suggestions in the comments.

Posted by Jen Tomkins

4 thoughts on “The Reader Magazine: Special Offers”

  1. I think it may be what is not said:

    “What will Jane say?”

    After a whole mornings clean-up Phil removes his heavy duty ‘marigolds’ folds his arms and proudly looks on at his handiwork. Not a mag out of place or a cake-crumb in sight (we’ll pass on the blood). Not wishing to spoil the moment his accomplice looks on worrying quietly at the complete disappearance of The Reader Editorial groups table and chairs.

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